Unique Culinary South American sensation at Cajun Claws

Americans usually synonymous with global fastfood food. But in fact, Uncle Sam Negri also has a wealth of culinary in the south. South America has a special food that is rich in herbs. Was a unique way of eating, edible simultaneously on a table or commonly called a seafood boil.

Unique elements and flavor that is rich in herbs is then made Tommy’s son wants to share with the people of Indonesia. He founded a real American food restaurant named Cajun Claws. Cajun is the name of an area in South America, located near the Mississippi River. Cajun culture in a unique dining authentically brought to the restaurant Cajun Claws.
His experience during five years in the US makes it misses with an authentic American cuisine when returning to their homeland. So that in this restaurant you can find a variety of typical menu of South America. Cajun Claws which has stood since the end of 2014.

“American food is very varied. Not just fast food, but there are many more that have a distinctive taste and strong. It makes me miss her cooking is authentic,” ungkat Tommy Putra, Owner Cajun Claws encountered in Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta, Thursday (11/02/2016).

At the beginning of this year Cajun Claws offers four of their latest menu. If you usually eat seafood boil together on the table and mix all the menus, but different to the four newest menu. Presentation done at the plate but does not leave a strong flavor. Among them are four Blackened Fish menu made from fish baked with soul cooking techniques. Then Southern roast chiken chiken and Buttermilk fried chicken dish, which focuses on the typical Louisiana sauce.

Recently their flagship menu, traditional South American food, seafood gumbo. The seafood gumbo is a seafood broth with crab cooked with a very small flame for eight hours. Long cooking process that increasingly favors make the broth thick with the aroma of seafood and savory.

Enjoy the specialties of this South American will make your dining experience more varied. Feel the sensation of the typical American diet is unique. For one portion is priced at around Rp 100 thousand. You can also enjoy a seafood boil with family at a cost of Rp 100 thousand per person.

Find Out How To Guarantee Business Growth With Promotional Drink Bottles

The usefulness and performance of a certain product and service can be tested throughout the level of repetition. It’s only when a particular company has been favored by customers when a company can say it is growing. To make this happen, companies have to come up with marketing tools that would assist in ensuring brand awareness. That is why promotional drink bottles emerged into the general public limelight.

What is fantastic about promotional drink bottles?

As compared to some other promotional items, drink bottles can be carried easily and are useful. Balancing health and fitness has become important to maintain oneself active and on the go. One of the most key components to balance health and fitness is water and to make this always available, a drinking bottle is a solution. These kinds of bottles are created safe by their own manufacturers by simply making these products locally and made free from bisphenol A (BPA), a natural chemical substance that is present in epoxy raisins and plastics.

People who use your promotional drink bottles are anticipated to be going from one place to another and this boosts the chance of your company logo design and name to be noticed by the general public. These kinds of containers are best offers during trade events and company-sponsored sports activity tournaments. The distribution of such containers indicates more than just going for an ordinary water container because you are promoting the significance of keeping internal health and fitness balance.

Product or service ranges

The most frequent materials that are utilized to create drink bottles are glass, metal, and plastic. Dependent upon your choice, you can select the kind of drink bottles that fit your target audience. The most significant factors that can help you create a reputation include elegance, class and durability and you should utilize these elements to examine the type of drinking bottles that you will use for your promotion. Manufacturers of such drinking bottles come up with tough bottles that are made from high quality plastics. Additionally, they make glass drink bottles that are always advanced, making them a popular pick.

In addition, to aid firms come up with the perfect drink containers for their marketing strategies, manufacturers create custom printing of these containers available. This is where personalization comes in and this will provide you with the opportunity to imprint your message to the bottles. This particular service warranties the use of just quality publishing methods to guarantee the exposure of your message. Drink bottles can be found in aluminum and stainless-steel supplies to obtain more elegant water containers.

Enjoy The Verve Energy Drink

This energy drink is not only good for you but it will keep a person going all day, and keep you awake. The Verve Energy drink is extremely low in sugar and is full of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. It contains natural sugar, which won’t cause your blood sugar to spike cause a crash and sugar shock. This drink perfect if you want to go to the gym or go jogging to help you attain the body that you want.

Most drinks have label that describe the good ingredients but most of those good ingredients seldom stay in the form that is good for you after it has been in the can for some time. Also, those ingredients can interact with other ingredients the drink contains which can be bad for you.

The ingredients that are in this drink include choline chloride, D Ribose, guarana seed extracts, taurine, Selenium, Pantothenic Acid, Biotin, Vitamin B12, Foliate, Vitamin B6, Niacin, Riboflavin, Thiamin, Vitamin E, Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A. All of these ingredients are derived from natural sources such as ultra purified reverse osmosis carbonated water, organic green tea, organic aloe vera gel, and mangosteen juice. The drink has natural flavors from natural fructose. Here is an explanation of these ingredients.

Mangosteen: This is considered a super fruit that contain xanthenes which is an antioxidant that will help to provide an increase to your immune system. In addition, it is being studied for its anti fungal, anti bacterial, and anti viral properties.

Aloe Vera: This is used as an energy booster, is good for the immune system, a skin soother, and a beauty product.

Green Tea: This has all of the properties of a good tea without as much caffeine and is known as an antioxidant and a fat burner.

Xanthenes: These are anti oxidants that are being researched for their antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral properties and their capability to improve immune systems.

The taste of this drink may take some getting used to for those first time drinkers, but if like the tart taste of mangosteen, the Verve energy drink is likely the tastiest way to get your vitamins. This drink is manufactured by the Vemma Manufacturing Company and can be purchased in the New Zealand, Australia, the UK, Sweden, Spain, Slovenia, Poland, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, Hungary, Germany, France, Finland, Estonia, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Canada, and the US.

Drink Mixers make exotic drinks and impress your guests

The Drink Mixers are the equipment used for mixing the non alcoholic drinks in various cocktails and other beverages. The mixers are used for various good reasons. When the drinks are made with the help of the mixer give an extraordinary flavor to the drink. Those who are used to getting alcohol dilute these non alcoholic beverages thus reducing the volume of the alcohol. The mixers are also used for the purpose of decoration of the beverages.

When it comes to cooking area products we constantly prefer the most up-to-date technology for your kitchen area. Whenever one decides to buy the Drink Mixers the first name which comes in mind is the Blendtec blenders. The drinks made using the Blendtec blender are exceptional and give a great taste. The company provides both types of blenders for commercial as well as residential use. The Blendtec blender has strong two side blade, heavy duty motor, the design of the jar is square shaped and also has microprocessor controls.

Heavy duty drink mixer for making best drinks and smoothies

When you go to a restaurant and order an ice product with a smoothie it tastes great. This is mainly because they use the drink mixer or a blender to whip the ice product and the milk. Thus the blender or the drink mixer can create magic in your drinks, milk shakes etc. The bar blenders among the drink mixer is the mostly used in every household or commercial establishments.

Some of the most well-liked drink mixers which are supplied with heavy duty engines are – Blendtec, Hamilton professional blender, Vita Mix, Viking professional and the Waring Commercial. These brands are some of which are thought of the best for any kind of commercial or family use.

There are basically two types of blender or Drink mixers – namely traditional blender and Immersion blender. The traditional blender has a base which houses the motor of the mixer and there is a container with the blades. This container is also known as the carafe. The containers in the traditional blender are made from glass or plastic. Most of them prefer to have the glass containers.

The Immersion blender is the most well-liked in the present market. It is an all in one tool which has a slim energy base attached to the metal shaft of the blender. The blender or the Drink Mixers are known as Immersion blender mainly because it has to be immersed in the drink to get a real exotic taste of the drink.

Deciding upon the right Drink Mixers

When you have to buy the Drink Mixers then you should consider the energy and performance of the motor of the mixers. It is also necessary to consider the material of the mixer and also the various types of controls of the machine. The look of the mixer is also an important element to be considered.

When you consider buying these blenders one should also consider the décor of the kitchen so that it matches with your other kitchen area accessories. The blending tasks are another important element to be regarded while purchasing the blenders. It is better to buy the multipurpose blenders which are of more use in the cooking area.

4 Main Benefits Of Soft Drink Machines

Soft drink machines are fully automated and they are very helpful if you want to drink a soda or mineral water on a hot day. Those machines have been created years ago and continuously improved upon, tweaked and adjusted in order to offer the best services possible. Soft drink machines come in various sizes and shapes and they have different prices as well. If you are more interested in those machines then read on because this article will present you the top 4 benefits of soft drink machines:

1. Very useful in hot summer days. Soft drink machines are of great help if you are very thirsty and it is very hot outside. All that you have to do is to introduce a few coins and you are getting a cold drink that will refresh you completely. The beauty is that soft drink machines are very popular these days and it is very likely to find one almost everywhere.

2. No vendor required. Because those machines are fully automated, you don’t have to hire a vendor in order to sell the drinks. You just make use of those machines and they do all the work, reducing the costs as well. Soft drink machines can gather a quite decent amount of money in time and all that they consume is electricity.

3. They can be installed anywhere. Soft drink machines usually don’t occupy much space and it is appropriate to install them everywhere. They are easily noticeable and they attract lots of customers. For example, they can be installed in hospital waiting rooms, train stations, bars, restaurants and even on the streets. Especially in summer times, soft drink machines are very popular.

4. Improves the business image. Soft drink machines can provide a very interesting marketing strategy as well. That is because if you install a few of those machines in your company or office building, your employees will know that you care for them and their welfare. They will start looking at you with better eyes. In addition, you practically improve the working conditions by providing your employees with soft drinks that can be enjoyed at any moment of the day.

In a similar fashion, if you own a bar or a mini-restaurant, those machines can attract customers as well. That is because a lot of people would fancy a cold drink in a hot day and your soft drink machine can provide this. Afterwards, perhaps the customers will note your place in their minds and they will come back later on as well.

Therefore, soft drink machines are very useful and much appreciated by most clients. There are plenty of models and designs on the market these days and they can serve any company’s needs. Make sure you are buying a relatively cheaper and smaller model first and see how it is perceived by your customers. The prices of soft drink machines depend on the manufacturer and their capacity. The cost can be from one thousand dollar to several thousand dollars. It is a good idea to research the market well before buying soft drink machines for your company.