I Had No Idea How Much I Liked Turkish Bread and Kebabs

My wife and I found a new restaurant to try in Auburn. I about filled up on the complementary Turkish bread they bring to the table. It is a kebab place, and the food is right up our alley. I enjoy beef mince, and I like lamb kebabs too. Very good tasting meat. I like the wrap that is stuffed with meat and topped with lettuce, tomato and onions. I think we have found a new favorite place to eat. I do not get tired of it. I enjoy every single meal we have there.

I would never have thought that I would be a fan of Turkish food. I really could just eat a couple of baskets of the Turkish bread and be full. However, when the savory meat kebabs make it to the table, I am going to eat no matter if I stuffed myself with bread or not. I really enjoy eating bread. I would say it is a favorite next to my taste for kebabs. I like dipping the bread and eating it too. It has such a great texture and flavor.

I am not Turkish, and I have no relatives that I know of who are even from that part of the world. However, I have really become a kebab person. I like to watch them cook, and I thoroughly enjoy eating them. Very tasty indeed. I like it when we bring some of the Turkish bread home. I will eat it as a snack or at breakfast. If I knew how to make it and have it taste the same as it does at the restaurant, I would take it in my lunch every day to work. The next thing you know I will be learning some Turkish dances. Having a taste for the cuisine is sure there. Maybe there is more.